The competition is free to enter. Simply create a user and enter your prediction for the next Grand Prix. You must submit you predictions before the start of the qualifying session for each Grand Prix.
The closer your prediction for the top ten drivers matches the final standings the more points you will earn. You will earn 40 points for each driver position you correctly predict. If a driver finishes one place away from your prediction then you will score 25 points, 2 away 15 points, 3 away 10 points and so on, down to just 1 point for being 9 places away.
Note: 11th position and below does not enter into the scoring calculation at all. If your prediction for a driver is 10th and they finish in 11th, you will receive no points.
There are also two 10 point bonuses available for correctly predicting the Pole Position and Race Fastest Lap drivers.
Play against your friends. You can setup your own league, and join other leagues, on your profile page.
I am afraid there are no material prizes for winning Coops F1 (it is free remember!), only the online confirmation of your superior Formula One prediction prowess.
See past Coops F1 winners via the History page.


The website deadline has passed, but I didn't make my picks, or the deadline closed to early!
Send me an email with your picks and I will update them for you, assuming the qualifying really hasn't already started!
I don't like the new site, the old one was much better!
You can still use the old website here: The websites share a database, so picks made on either website are valid.
Other problems or issues.
If you have any problems with the website please email me


Coops F1 is a fan hosted Formula One prediction website. The website was born in 2003 and based on an excel spreadsheet created by Rich Kent.

The website is written using ASP.NET/C# and uses an MS-SQL database.

Original 2003 website design and development by Martin Cooper.
Updated 2022 website desgin by bigflannel and development by Martin Cooper.